Robin Schaefer

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
April 14 to April 25, 2014
Gallery 102 - Smith Hall
Opening Reception: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Robin Schaefer presents Puncture, a final thesis exhibition in Gallery 102 at The George
Washington University. This multi-media exhibition opens up an investigation on the analog form of 1960’s and 70’s 8mm and 16mm film technology. Schaefer’s work involves extracting stills from chosen family films in order to create works that draw on the traditional medium of painting combined with the literal and figurative imperfections characteristic to these films. Inherent within this series is the notion that we will continue to look nostalgically at what were once cutting edge forms of technology. As a means to cope with our continuous technological leaps forward, a moment opens up to look at the past and what is becoming obsolete. This exhibition points towards this obsolescence while capturing traces of our cultural past selves. Within this series of work moments are retranslated revealing glitches, marks or splices in the film. These vintage films function as objects of a personal and collective past and using them as subject matter triggers a search for an origin embedded in fragments of memory.